Blue Star will report its Q4 results on May 4; the board will consider giving out bonus shares.

Blue Star Ltd, a company that makes air conditioners and industrial coolers, said on Monday that its board of directors would talk about a plan to give bonus shares to owners on May 4. On Thursday of this week, the company will also say how much money it made in the quarter ending in March 2023 and for the whole fiscal year.

Blue Star’s consolidated profit after taxes went up by 23% from the same time last year, when it was Rs 47.50 crore, to Rs 58.41 crore for the quarter that finished on December 31, 2022. In the third quarter, sales went up 18.72%, from Rs 1506.22 crore to Rs 1788.20 crore.

For the fiscal year that finished in March 2023, the company’s profit went up by 67.13%, from Rs 100.35 crore to Rs 167.71 crore. In the March 2023 fiscal year, sales were Rs 6045.58 crore, up from Rs 4263 crore in the March 2022 fiscal year.

The stock market is closed today, May 1, because it is Maharashtra Day. On Friday, the stock finished the day up 0.53 percent at Rs 1476.90 on BSE. On BSE, the stock of Blue Star began trading at Rs 1478.95, which was higher than the previous close of Rs 1469.15.

In the last session, a total of 0.13 million shares of the company were sold, which brought in Rs 1.94 crore. Blue Star’s shares have gone up 24% in 2023 and 30% in a year.

On BSE, the market value of Blue Star went up to Rs 14,224 crore. On July 4, 2022, the stock hit a 52-week low of Rs 860 and a 52-week high of Rs 1535.50.

Blue Star Limited is a business that deals with commercial air conditioning and refrigeration. The business is split into three parts: Electro-Mechanical Projects and Commercial Air Conditioning Systems, Unitary Products, and Professional Electronics and Industrial Systems.



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