From Rs 140 to Rs 3,939, this pharmaceutical stock generated multiple-fold returns in 2023.

Multibagger stock: Remedium Lifecare shares, which finished on December 30, 2020, at Rs 141.70, went up to Rs 3,939.70 on June 23, 2023, for a 2700% gain in that time. Sensex, on the other hand, is up 3.52 percent this year.

This year, buyers who bought shares of the multibagger Remedium Lifecare Ltd made 2700% on their money. The stock went from Rs 140.7 at the end of business on December 30, 2020, to Rs 3,939.70 on June 23, 2023, a 2700% increase. Sensex, on the other hand, is up 3.52 percent this year. On BSE, Remedium Lifecare stock finished the last session up 4.73 percent, at Rs 3939.70. On BSE, the stock began trading at Rs 3924.95, which was better than the previous close of Rs 3761.60.

In the last seven trading days, the multibagger stock has gained 38.21%. The stock reached an all-time high of Rs 3,949.65 the day before. The company’s market capitalization went up to Rs 1418.29 crore. On BSE, a total of 0.10 million shares, worth Rs 3.94 crore, changed hands. On September 23, 2022, the price of Remedium Lifecare stock hit a 52-week low of Rs 136.15.

In terms of technicals, Remedium Lifecare stock’s relative strength index (RSI) is at 87.8, which means it’s highly overvalued. The one-year beta for Remedium Lifecare stock is -0.2, which means that the stock was not very volatile during that time. The price of Remedium Lifecare shares is higher than the 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200-day moving averages.

In the March quarter of the previous fiscal year, Remedium Lifecare lost Rs 4.78 crore. In the March quarter of 2022, the company lost Rs 1.16 crore. But sales went up from Rs 40.29 crore to Rs 75.58 crore in Q4, compared to Rs 40.29 crore in the quarter that ended in March 2022.

For the fiscal year that finished in March 2023, the company made Rs 5 crore in profit, compared to Rs 1 crore the year before. Sales went up from Rs 505 crore in the fiscal year that finished in March 2022 to Rs 510 crore in the last fiscal year.

For the three months ending March 2023, one promoter owned 1.11 percent of the company, or 40,000 shares, while 704 public shareholders owned 98.89 percent, or 35.60 lakh shares. With capital up to Rs 2 lakh, 630 residents possessed 4.01 lakh shares, or 11.16% of the total. For the quarter that ended in March 2023, only 37 owners with a 75.07% stake or 27.02 lakh shares held capital above Rs 2 lakh.

As a pharmacy company, Remedium Lifecare is focused on two types of business: goods and services. Products business includes buying and selling APIs and intermediates to creator and generic pharmaceutical players in both domestic and foreign markets, including controlled markets.



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